Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone guides adoptive parents through the joyful, but complex process of opening their home to a new family member and provides birth parents with an understanding of the legal implications of the decision to place a child for adoption. We have experience finalizing stepparent adoptions and international adoptions in the State of Nebraska. Our team has also served as Guardian ad Litem in adoption matters and provided substitute consent. Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone takes every precaution to guard against legal challenges which could threaten the validity of an adoptive placement. Moreover, we offer compassionate and trusting support during these family milestones.

Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone offers the following adoption services:

  • Understanding of the legal requirements of adoption
  • Collaboration with adoption agencies
  • Determination of jurisdiction
  • Information regarding home studies and background checks
  • Exercise of due diligence for identification and notification
  • Legal counsel regarding relinquishment and consent
  • Finalization and filing of court pleadings
  • Representation at court proceedings
  • Explanation of open versus closed adoptions
  • Guardian ad litem substitute consent

Whether you are an adoptive parent or a birth parent, the legal complexities of the adoption process can be overwhelming and confusing. Please do not hesitate to contact Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone at (402) 934-9499 to understand your legal rights and protect the best interests of the child.