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Attorneys focused on a collaborative; client-focused approach can make a significant difference in your life. Whether you are facing divorce or growing your business, we will provide you with options for effective legal solutions and competitive rates at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC.

David J. Koukol is a partner at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC. His practice focuses on helping families and businesses during times of change.

Karisa D. Johnson is a partner at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC. Karisa’s primary practice areas are family law, mediation, estate planning, and civil litigation matters.

Angela Forss Schmit is a partner at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC. Her practice focuses on helping businesses launch, grow and protect their businesses with confidence. She also helps families grow and protect their legacy through adoption and estate planning.

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David J. Koukol
Karisa D. Johnson
Angela Forss Schmit
Michael W. Milone
Sara A. Lawson
Mark J. Milone

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Starting the process of divorce mediation, real estate purchases or estate planning requires attention to every detail. Throughout the entire process, we remain at your side and devote our resources to ensure your personal or professional success.

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