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Protecting Careers And Professional Futures

David J. Koukol is one of a select number of legal professionals who serve as panel attorneys for the Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association. The AOPA provides advocacy, education and supporting activities for member pilots and aircraft owners. Their mission is to protect their members’ freedom to fly and ensure the accessibility and long-term health of general aviation.

When Your Aviation Career And Right To Fly Are At Stake

If you are a Nebraska-based aviation professional, you need a lawyer in the state who combines experience with a 20-year background as a licensed pilot. The founding attorney at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC can help you with licensing matters and enforcement actions before the FAA that include the following:

● License suspension or revocation
● Medical certification problems
● Alcohol and substance abuse allegations
● Falsification of medical applications
● Airworthiness defense
● Accident investigations and litigation
● Appeals of adverse decisions

An Attorney And Fellow Pilot Protecting Your Rights And Future

Accusations of failing to comply with applicable regulations not only affect your professional reputation, but it can also end your career. While many attorneys in the Omaha area practice aviation law, few possess the comprehensive experience David J. Koukol enjoys. He has navigated before administrative boards and judges, not to mention the skies over Nebraska in his own cockpit.

As a member of the AOPA, you are entitled to sophisticated legal representation to protect your right to fly. Take action with one telephone call.

The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Seasoned Legal Advocacy

Place your trust in an aviation attorney and fellow pilot.

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