Five Considerations Before You Use a Payment Demand Letter

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Sending a demand letter is a common and often fruitful approach to nonpayment. A demand letter is simply a letter sent to a person or organization that has yet to satisfy a debt giving notice that legal action is being considered.

What You Need to Know about ADA Website Compliance

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to accommodate people with physical and cognitive impairments. While the ADA, which applies to “places of public accommodation,” was designed with physical spaces in mind, the proliferation of online services means that digital spaces must also comply with the ADA.

6 Key Considerations for Passing Down a Family Business

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You have spent years building your small business, but have you taken time to consider what will happen to it when you retire, become disabled, or pass away? Although it is often hard to fathom an event that may not occur for many years, it is important to put plans in place in advance.

Benefits of Having Your Business Donate to Charity

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To donate to charity might seem counterintuitive to those running a for-profit company. However, it is important to keep in mind that charitable giving can not only make a big difference to the recipients of your generosity, but it can also provide a net gain to your business. In addition to the potential tax advantages […]

Why You Might Want to Hire Someone to Be Your Registered Agent

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If your business is registered with the state, you are required to name a registered agent at the time of registration or incorporation. A registered agent is the person who receives legal and tax documents on behalf of your business. You or other people in your business can serve as the registered agent, but doing so raises a few potential issues. To avoid those issues, you can hire an attorney or company to serve as your registered agent. 

Considerations for Filing Business Taxes

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For most entrepreneurs, filing business taxes is a daunting but necessary task. The complexities of tax preparation often lead business owners to procrastinate or neglect proper record keeping and tax deadlines. Nevertheless, following these basic steps can simplify the process and guide you as you prepare to file your business tax return.  As a business […]

How You Can Keep Customer Data Safe

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In today’s data-driven world, small businesses often find themselves in possession of sensitive customer data. As the collection of data increases, customers grow more suspicious of the means and methods used to collect and store data. In response to this growing concern, we are seeing increased legislation pertaining to the collection, storage, and distribution of […]