If you have ever considered starting an ecommerce business, now is a great time to move from ideation to action. Online retail sales exploded to an all-time high amid COVID-19 lockdowns, travel bans, and brick-and-mortar closures, and this was not just a temporary bump. Ecommerce was already experiencing strong year-over-year growth prior to 2020. The accelerated shift to online purchases is part of a broader trend. For many shoppers, purchasing both essential and nonessential items online is the new normal. 

Not surprisingly, as online retail has become more popular, it is becoming more competitive. The growth of e-commerce has also created a more demanding legal and regulatory environment. While anyone can set up an e-commerce website, running a successful e-commerce business is more complicated. In addition to delivering an excellent customer experience, online retail entrepreneurs must pay special attention to legal issues regarding taxes, privacy, terms of service, and digital marketing. 

Getting Started with an Ecommerce Store

Starting an e-commerce business is not wholly different from starting a brick-and-mortar business. Whether your store is online or has a physical location, you will need to address the following basic issues before you are ready to get up and running: 

Specific Considerations for Ecommerce Stores

Despite some overlap in how they are organized and operated, there are some significant differences between online and in-person stores. These differences require special attention to avoid legal issues that can threaten your business’s success. 

These considerations require strategic planning and continued monitoring. Skipping or overlooking a step could result in fines or unanticipated consequences.

Next Steps

If you are ready to start your e-commerce business and would like guidance to ensure that you legally comply with the relevant regulations and protect your rights, schedule a meeting with a member of our team. We will help you develop a comprehensive strategy to protect you and your business

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